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What precautions have hydraulic shunt motor in the installation process?

Release time:2015-10-21

1.During installation, to reduce vibration, concussion and noise, hose is thebest option to connect the flow divider’s oil inlets and outlets with thesystem. By this means, the system is also free from loosen of the bolt causedby vibration, which leads to leaking and damaging of the seals in the end.


2.It’sbetter to use valve block to connect the oil outlets. It functions as acomponent not only feeding oil, but also improving synchronizing accuracy, forpiston series especially. It occurs that under the circumstance of no valveblocks, cylinder of low speed is unable to completely run to the end and thuslead to tilting of devices. Gear flow divider feeds the oil through oilexpelling of gear gaps.


3.Afoot valve used in the oil return pipe, i.e. a check valve, explains why theflow divider can feed the system oil. The oil in pipes between the said valveand valve blocks can’t be supplied by overflow oil of pilot relief valve but byother oil return line because the relief valve is unable to overflow when flowdivider runs normally.


4.Beforeinstallation, set the pressure of valves to an appropriate volume.


5.It comes to the pressure of reliefvalve of flow dividers which of every section should be set uniformly. It isforbidden to set them at random.Sincethe workload of each section is different, it’s logical to set it 20 bar abovethe maximum pressure of the working section. If the pressure of valves is set verylow, the outlet pressure is approximately zero, so as the power (power is equalto pressure*flow rate). According to working principle of pressure pressureintensifier (specified in page 4), the power of the said section will beequally divided into the other sections with no change in flow rate, as aresult, pressure will rise. If pressure of relief valve is set high, outletpressure of flow divider is high as well to the degree that exceeds the ratedworking pressure, which leads to the breakdown of flow divider. Even if thepressure of relief valve is set appropriate, it is also needed to ensure thatworking pressure of every single section does not exceed the rated pressureduring the whole process of flow divider running, opening relief valve needs acertain response time, as a result, be careful to measure outlet workingpressure.


6.Whena certain section of the flow divider is temporarily not needed, we do notadvise you to block it. The gear of the flow divider will stop running, onlylittle oil will be extruded from the gap of gear meshing place of the flowdivider, which will take a long time for pipeline of the system to fill up. Atthis time, other sections are similar to be under release.

Likewise,according to the working principle of flow divider’s pressure intensifier, the pressureof the blocked section will be extreme and thus cause the damage of flowdivider. As for piston flow divider, blocking one section will not only causethe pressure dramatically rise but also make other sections no oil flow. As aresult, the whole system will not function normally.

Suchcase occurs in special circumstances as applied in pipe tipping machine;because of differential length of pipe, all sections are not needed. By thistime the standard procedure is to release the oil of the unused section andconnect it back to oil tank by a pilot relief valve. The pressure of releasedsection is zero, so as the power. As flow divider functions as an pressureintensifier, pressure of the said section will be divided into the othersections. Before the run of flow divider, it is necessary to set the pressureof relief valve to the appropriate volume. If not, setting inappropriate or toohigh, when the cylinder runs to the end,  the pressure will get so high that overburdenthe flow divider to damaging.


7.Piston flow divider, beforeinstallation, needs to be prefilled with packing medium through oil leakage port.It is not the case with gear motor.Bydoing so, under the circumstance of no lubrication bearings of flow divider areprevented from awful wear as a consequence of high speed rotation, which leadsto the breakdown of flow divider.


8.Take 2 stream flow divider forexample to illustrate the function of flow divider’s pressure intensifier in details.

Letter“P” stands for inlet pressure of flow divider, Q for flow rate, so the flowrate of two outlets should be uniformly Q/2. Use P1, P2 for two outlets (hereinternal loss of flow divider is not considered). Now release the section underP1, that is, P1=0. When working cylinder runs to the end, outlet pressure offlow divider is equal to loading pressure. According to conservation of energy,PQ= P1*Q/2+P2*Q/2.Because P1=0,so the formula should be: PQ=0+P2*Q/2, that is, P2=2P, from which it can beseen that outlet pressure of working sections is twice as high as systempressure. That is what pressure intensifier functions.